The Must Have Features Of A Good Air Conditioner

Cafe Sureia Blog The Must Have Features Of A Good Air Conditioner
The Must Have Features Of A Good Air Conditioner


The Must Have Features Of A Good Air Conditioner

Posted By Melissa Phillips


There was a time when only the rich could afford an air conditioner. But with development, the purchasing power of the middle class has increased. Even households in tier III cities have an AC unit these days. It is not only the economic growth and development of technology that has boosted sale but also the rising temperatures during the summer months. The best ac in india now are the ones that are not only energy efficient but also provide health care benefits. Browse through which will give you a fair idea of the latest models and brands.

Yes, a five-star energy rating is crucial, but the design and their ability to combat local weather patterns are equally important. The days when buying an air condition depended just on cooling capacity have long gone. If you wish to buy an AC unit today, then you have to look into additional features like:
Humidity control
Air purification
Mosquito repellent
An auto cut and power saver feature were needed in the old times. But present conditions where dengue, malaria and the likes are ever present demand for more features from our technology. The same applies for air purification. In a world where we are breathing almost toxic air, a clean breath has become vital. Besides these features, some other factors you need to consider before a purchasing an AC are detailed further.

The foremost thing about an air conditioning unit is its capacity. The cooling capacity depends on the size of the room you want to install in it. For example, a 1.5-ton AC will efficiently cool a small area up to 180 square feet. So, if the room/floor that requires an AC is bigger than that then think of 2-ton capacity AC. If the area is larger than 240 sq. Ft. then a bigger cooling capacity will be needed.

As with every purchase that requires an investment, price plays an important factor while buying an air conditioning system. The more energy efficient an AC unit is the further the price tag rises. By a rough estimate, an increase in star increases the price be about two thousand five hundred rupees. This means that a balance has to be struck between energy efficiency and price. As per the guide set by Bureau of Energy Efficiency the more number of stars a model has the more it conserves energy. With the unit price of electricity soaring high, it is advised to buy a model that consumes less power.

A split AC unit will cost more than a window AC unit. While a centralised air conditioning system will cost the most. So, while judging the balance between power and price, factor in the kind of AC unit you need for your home too. Newer technology allows purification of the air that blows in rather than just filtering it. This is a highly important feature considering the state of pollution in the country. Raising the quality of indoor air has become vital especially if there are young children at home.


Written by Melissa Phillips

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