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Selection Of A Good Juicer


Selection Of A Good Juicer

Posted By Melissa Phillips


Getting the right juicer seems to be a daunting task for most of us since the market is flooded with many types of commercial juicers. Defining a right juicer is very much subjective as a good selection Wheatgrass juicer for one buyer might go totally wrong when compared to another person. The aspect of the exact application for which the juicer is purchased is vital while purchasing a juicer. Well, everyone knows the benefits of wheatgrass juice, if you want to get more information on the same, you can browse the website This short article is aimed to educate the readers while selecting a right juicer for their homes.

Why we need a juicer?

It is important to eat food that is rich in enzymes. However, if you buy bottles of juice from the market, you are not going to have your share of enzymes. These bottled juices are in most cases pasteurized and processed during which enzymes are most likely destroyed. On the other hand, fresh juicing is great and healthy because fresh juice contains a high amount of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals and they also have an incredible taste. Also, you have the freedom to choose your own ingredients by your current health requirements.
Juicing has many advantages.

Types of Juicers

There are two major types of juicer available in the market. The first type is called centrifugal juicer. It works by spinning fruits and vegetables to separate juice from the pulp. It can grind a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables. It is the most popular juicer nowadays. It requires less preparation time when compared to the others.
During the fast spinning process, oxygen is added into the juice causing oxidation of the nutrients. It produces heat in the juice; too As a result the juice produced is of substandard quality and cannot be kept for a long time. It cannot grind tough and leafy fruits and vegetables. Its noise level is high due to the high spinning process.

The other type is called masticating juicer. It does slow grinding and produces no heat. The nutrients of the fruits and vegetables can thus be preserved. It maintains the enzymes and nutrients in the fruits and vegetables. It can produce juice out of tough and leafy fruits and vegetables. Its noise level is low due to slow grinding. In comparison with the centrifugal juicer, it produces a higher volume of juice and lower volume of pulp out of the fruits and vegetables.

Lifelong product warranties

Because of stiff competition and as a marketing strategy, most of the juicer manufacturers adopt a technique by offering lifelong warranties to their products. Though this looks ridiculous such an attraction creates an impact on the minds of the buyers. Here, one has to read the terms and conditions offered by these firms. Many offer lifelong warranty for the service but not for the parts for a long time. Hence one has to read these terms carefully while buying juicers from these types of firms. Here a buyer needs to know the fact that it is wrong to judge the long warranty period as an indicator of the high quality of parts used in the juicer. Few of the poor quality juicer makers to offer such lifelong warranties to increase their market share.


Written by Melissa Phillips

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