Google Fax- A Brief Description On Sending Fax Messages

Cafe Sureia Blog Google Fax- A Brief Description On Sending Fax Messages
Google Fax- A Brief Description On Sending Fax Messages


Google Fax- A Brief Description On Sending Fax Messages

Posted By Melissa Phillips

Sending a google fax is as simple as sending an email nowadays. will show you how easy and beneficial it is to have your fax messages sent as soon as it is needed by recipients. Punctuality and quick responses are given much value in the business world. The importance of a quick response cannot be stressed enough. Deals are made and broken within seconds in many industries as there are a huge number of players out there. So take no chances and learn how to send your fax messages from your computer as quickly as possible.

Smartest Google Fax services

The following companies offer free service for one month. You can go ahead and use their service to send a fax message easily. They do not charge you for the first month.

My Fax allows consumers to fax from more than 170 file formats. This makes it a wonderful tool which proves useful to many industries. They also offer the option to send fax messages at flat rates to around 40 countries. Again this is another useful feature which has made MyFax a favorite among customers.

eFax gives customers the option of a single plan only. However, this is very effective for small as well as medium business people. They allow digital signing in which helps customers use their mobiles to send fax messages.This feature has made this company popular among those who have to travel much for business requirements. Unlimited fax storage with one-month free trial is given to those who sign up to use their services.

This is one of the most popular companies which offer great services. There are many plans that they give as per the consumer requirement. Other features offered include
· Fax scheduling
· Fax broadcasting
· Local, toll-free – fax numbers
· Reports on procedures
· Enabling Fax messages from PC applications.
· Integrating mobiles

How to send a Google Fax

It’s quite simple to send the Google fax message. The basic requirements are given here.

You need to have the below factors before you can send a Google fax.
· A Gmail Account
· A Google Fax number
· Fax Service Account
Once these have been set up, you can easily send the fax in just 5 steps.
First, you have to log in to the Gmail account you have created. Start composing a new email. Choose the fax company that suits your requirements best. Enter their fax number where you normally add the recipient’s email Id. Attach the image or document you need to get faxed. Compose your email if you have any special requirements to be made clear. Then press send! There you go, all done. It’s as easy as that with the advancement in technology. Consumers no longer have to approach fax centers to send valuable documents across to others. They can do it from the convenience of their own homes/offices.

Receiving a fax message is also easy as the service provider collects them and directs them to the consumer inbox. Thanks to the growth of technology, it is now possible to stay ahead of the race!

Written by Melissa Phillips

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