Dance Mat Typing Game And The Benefits Of Its Way Of Teaching

Cafe Sureia Blog Dance Mat Typing Game And The Benefits Of Its Way Of Teaching
Dance Mat Typing Game And The Benefits Of Its Way Of Teaching


Dance Mat Typing Game And The Benefits Of Its Way Of Teaching

Posted By Melissa Phillips

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Learning skills are at their best at a young age. Kids learn things quickly when compared to adults. It is the responsibility of every parent to give their children necessary exposure to the skills required to make them successful as they grow up. In today’s world computer knowledge has become a very vital element. So, it is important that along with writing skills every kid should be taught typing skills also from a young age. describes a novel and fun way of teaching touch typing known as Dance Mat typing course. Let’s get into the details of it.

Dance Mat Typing- A course more like a game!
Dance Mat Typing game is designed in a very creative manner. Interaction and fun are blended along with learning. If you analyze the methods of teaching used by to train special kids, it would become clear that interaction and involvement can bring the best out of children. Dance Mat typing puts these principles into practice through their exciting and beneficial teaching program for touch typing.

The game is designed in four levels. Each of the four levels has various stages. The program is assisted throughout by teachers in the form of animated characters like goat, giraffe, snake, octopus, etc. They give clear instructions regarding how to use fingers to type each key on the keyboard. Every stage consists of exercises of varying complexities. The successful completion of each stage is celebrated by cheerful songs. Kids are sure to enjoy every level.

The benefits are numerous!
Kids are curious to learn new things. But the curiosity very often leads to distraction also! It is hard to fix their attention on something for long unless they are truly interested in it. This is where Dance Mat Typing game stands apart from rest. Dance Mat typing is so enjoyable that it ensures the complete attention of the kids. So they learn the concepts very fast! The exercises give them enough practice as well. By the end of this course, kids would learn to type very fast and accurately without mistakes.

Along with the typing skills, the exercises also help to improve the language and spelling skills. They get a chance to learn new words and their spellings which would, in turn, help their academics. So do not be surprised when your kid spells a complex word which even you are not sure about!

Another plus point of this course is that it is free. Learning something new does not have an age barrier, and if your typing speed is low, you can also try the same.

Your kids will thank you!
Dance Mat Typing is the best learning platform that you can introduce to your children. So, if your kids are interested in computers, show them this new world which is the safest way to keep them engaged and to enhance their skills. You will be surprised by how quick and effective the results are. So, try this out and be ready to watch your kids typing like experts. They are sure to thank you when they grow up!


Written by Melissa Phillips

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