Cleaning The Plaster Walls

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Cleaning The Plaster Walls


Cleaning The Plaster Walls

Posted By Melissa Phillips

Plaster walls should be cleaned at regular intervals. In case the plaster walls are unpainted, they should be cleaned as frequently as possible because they have high chances of getting dirty. Cleaning of plaster walls should not be avoided plastering Cheltenham talks about it at great length. There are some reasons and ways; you should clean the plaster walls for more details you may click and know more about it. Plastered walls get dirty and stained too easily. So, they need to be cleaned properly. The plaster walls get dirty easily because any layer of paint does not protect them.

Also, the walls look beautiful and presentable. Plaster makes the walls look good. Plaster is a white material, and it gives a beautiful look to the walls, but with time it attracts dirt and gets stained and dirty. A wall does not remain clean once it has been stained. The same thing happens in case there is an accumulation of dirt on the wall.

The wall is not very good to look at in case it does not have the desired quality plaster. With time it turns dull, and all its brightness is faded away. So, you need to clean the plaster walls. Cleaning the plaster walls should be done properly. Cleaning the plaster walls require patience. After cleaning it must restore its fresh look back. You must begin to clean the plaster walls gently. You should first try to remove the outer layer of dirt on the plaster walls, for this, you might need a piece of cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Use which ever you are comfortable with.

Now try to remove the dust on the plaster walls with the cloth or the vacuum cleaner. Move your hands from upward to downward direction steadily; this will ensure proper cleaning. Make sure you do not miss any corner of the plaster walls. Try repeating this step unless you find your plaster walls dust free.

Now you will need a bucket of warm water with a few drops of lemon added to it and a piece of clean cloth or sponge to commence with the next step. Soak the sponge or piece of cloth in the water squeeze it gently make sure to remove water from it. No water drops should fall on the plaster wall. Now gently rub the plaster wall with the cloth or sponge and try to remove all possible stains. Squeeze the sponge or piece of cloth properly each time you repeat this process. You will need to do this at least three to four times in a row. Be patient while you do this. Make sure you obtain a cleaner looking plaster wall.

Wait for a few minutes before you begin with the next step. In case you do not find the plaster walls cleaner after the previous step. Try adding some mild liquid soap in a bucket of water and then up the walls either with a sponge or a piece of cloth. Now let the plaster walls dry. It will restore its whiteness strongly and in a concise period.


Written by Melissa Phillips

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