Benefits Offered By Nitro Piston Rifles

Cafe Sureia Blog Benefits Offered By Nitro Piston Rifles
Benefits Offered By Nitro Piston Rifles


Benefits Offered By Nitro Piston Rifles

Posted By Melissa Phillips

Nitro Piston Rifles

The technology behind nitro piston rifles is almost similar to spring guns, except the fact that a nitrogen filled cylinder replaces the coiled spring. According to the experts at, the pressure exerted by cocking the gun adds to the pressure of the nitrogen in the cylinder, causing it to propel the piston forward. The piston moves towards the air transferred port resulting in the compressed air to go behind the pellet and applying pressure, causing the pellet be pushed out of the barrel. Hence, the compressed air ultimately acts as the driving force behind the pellet.

Advantages of nitro piston air gun
Compared to the regular spring air guns, the nitro piston rifle offer plenty of advantages as can be seen below:
· The nitro piston rifle is comparatively lighter than the spring gun, making it easier to carry it around.
· The recoil produced by the piston is much lesser in a nitro piston rifle than the recoil in the traditional spring gun.
· The pellet is fired at a faster speed by the nitro piston rifle than a spring gun. The former also offers better accuracy while shooting.
· Another major advantage offered by nitro piston rifles is the fact that it does not need to be lubricated regardless of the weather conditions. The high-tech lubrication inside the nitro cylinder works fine in any temperature.
· A spring gun that is cocked for several days can cause damage to the spring thereby reducing the gun power it offers, whereas a nitro piston rifle retains its gun power regardless of how long it has been kept in the cocked position.
· The effort of cocking a nitro piston rifle is also relatively less compared to the spring gun, making it a favorite among many people who like to hunt.
· The noise produced by a nitro piston is almost 70% lesser than a traditional spring gun.

Another major advantage offered by a nitro piston rifle is the fact they are built to last longer than the coiled spring gun. This is more or less due to the shorter lifespan of the coiled spring inside the spring gun.

The commonly used ammunition in a nitro piston rifle includes the .177 as well as .22 sized pellets. The reasonable price of the .177 pellets makes it popular among most target shooters, whereas the .22 pellets offer better accuracy while shooting is slightly windy conditions.

The nitro piston rifle is usually has a variable power scope that offers better accuracy while shooting at longer distances. Since the magnification power of the scope is 3-9, the target can be magnified from three to nine times larger making it easier to shoot smaller targets over a long distance. The synthetic stock of nitro piston rifles makes it easier to handle due to its lighter weight. Beginners are recommended to get the nitro piston rifle that comes with the thumbhole stock, as it offers a more relaxed grip.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a gun that offers faster and effortless cocking, less recoil, lesser noise, and higher accuracy, the nitro piston rifle is the gun for you.


Written by Melissa Phillips

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